2 comments on “Tabata Timer: Incorporating a Switch

  1. Wow, this worked out really nicely! Maybe we should laser cut and engrave a front panel for this? The box is nice and everything, but it’s working so well that I think it justifies a more permanent home.

    WordPress seems to have mangled some of the C code in your post by the way. We can chat about this on Thursday. There are some specific things you can do (or not do) to avoid your code getting messed around when you include it in a post.

    Anyway, great work.



    • Thanks Ted

      This currently stands as a prototype which I did intend to use as a training aid but actually developing a proper more robust housing facility for it would be ideal.
      Especially as I intended to film and post it being used for a full workout as my last installment of the side project.


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