About Aisling

Education and Engineering

Her background in engineering starts far back into her childhood when hours spent by her father side ( who is a skilled trades man in carpentry and printing) working on (mostly domestic) projects small and large. Encouraged by her family to expand her knowledge in how things worked she spent many hours building and mostly disassembling various object.

Her true passion was realised when she began secondary school during the studies of junior and then onto leaving cert technology. St Wolstans provided her with many valuble insights into the world of STEM and upon graduating Aisling was presented with a decision, an offer of her first choice to study BEng in Computers and communications Engineering at DIT or a scholarship with the ESB which focused mostly on power and electrical engineering with a small possibility of going on to her desired course. Seeing the value of this opportunity to obtain such wide and varied exposure through all levels of the electrical and electronic fields Aisling accepted the scholarship.

This scolarship was ran as a joint venture between the Irish government and the ESB. It entailed that she work as an electrical apprentice for 2 years with ESB Networks partaking in and carrying out all normal apprentice work and education  (upto phase 4) obtaining Merits throughout her trade education.

After completing multiple examinations both written and practical set before her by ESB Networks, FÁS (now SOLAS) and DIT she was granted advanced entry into 2nd year of DT009 bachelor of engineering technology in electrical and control systems engineering.

Although her interests in how the world works is very broad it was through exposure and opportunities within DIT that she realised her true passion lay in coding and robotics. As a result she got involved with volunteer groups teaching primary school children how to build and code robots through Lego Mindstorm and then secondary school students with the RoboSlam workshops.

Through work with one of her lecturers Aisling proposed revisiting her Leaving Cert Technology project for her final year project in DT009 and was granted it. It was for this project she recieved nomination in 2016 for the prestigious Siemens prize in the innovative engineering student of the year award ran by Engineers Ireland.

She graduated with merit and with one of the highest project grades in her class. Upon doing so she was accepted and returned through advanced entry to DIT in September 2016 to begin studing Computer and Communications Engineering. Not long after returning to college she was contacted by the Engineers Journal published by Engineers Ireland and invited to write an article about her final year project. This is an international publication which is directly distributed to hundreds of members and also public published on their website.

Currently Aisling is now preparing for another exciting chapter in her Engineerig career, an internship with the internationally renouned Zenith Technologies company.

Achievements outside of academia

Aisling has always been a driven and intuitive young lady and this can be very easily seen through her extra curricular activities and achievements.

From a young age Aisling began training in American Kenpo Karate and Swimming. These have stayed with her through out her life and have been her main focus outside of academia. She has represented her club and country on some of the biggest stages through Karate and to date has acheived a first degree black belt.

Below is an interview she gave in May 2015 for the Bo Luellen show as part of the Kenpo history project. She speaks in it of her life expeirences so far and aspirations. She also talks about school, work as an apprenticesl and college including some of her projects.

With swimming Aisling pursued a more vocational path veering away from competition and concentrating on training to be a Lifeguard, after  qualifying in summer 2011 she returned to her local pool to become an instructor. In second year of DT009 Aisling took a part time job as a Lifeguard at Irelands premier aquatic sporting facility the National Aquatic Centre (NAC) which is located on the National Sports Campus. The NAC is home to the Aquazone, an olympic standard pool and diving well. It was there that the Irish repesentatives for the 2016 Rio olympics trained and competed. Here Aisling developed and refined many of her practical and soft skills. After a year with the facility she was promoted to Team Leader.

Aisling is also bilingual speaking both English and Spanish. She began learning Spanish in primary school and elected to continue it through her post-primary education. After completing her Leaving Cert she continued her education with the internationally recognised Instituto de Cervantes where she studied and conpleted her DELE A2. She has aspirations to return to the Instituto in the near future to further her language skills and obtain higher DELE qualifications.

For a more indepth list of education, qualifications and work experience head on over to her LinkdIn profile.


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