DT009 Final Year Project

For this series of blog I plan to focus on the research, development, testing and hopefully the implementation of my final year project.

I aim to look into the world of upper limb prosthesis. My interest in this field stems from  a project I did in secondary school. As part of the Technology syllabus we had to design and make a project to submit worth 50% of the course marks. In my year the brief (which was very broad and open ended) was to simply design and make something that would aid or assist someone with a disability or impairment ( see State Examinations Commission Leaving Cert 2012 Technology brief). I decided to investigate upper limb prosthesis but unfortunately the schools resources and my education at the level did not allow me to fully achieve or explore the topic as I wished.

Coming into the second semester of final year and preparing myself to work on a project I decided that if given the opportunity I would like to revisit my Leaving cert project. after thinking it through I realised upper limb prosthesis allowed me to demonstrate my knowledge amassed over my two years here in D.I.T. Through utilization and application of my understanding of robotics, instrumentation and various other modules I have taken, I believe I can give a better account of myself and what I had originally hoped to do.

I plan to use this blog as my main method of documentation and tracking my progress through out the entirety of this project while also publishing any findings I may make.