Sample Robot

Taking part in Robo Slam as a volunteer workshop facilitator, I along with other students  took time to assemble our own robots and play around with the mechanics and coding to familiarize ourselves before we had to teach and help out the beginners.

Here is my build;


Here we can see a fully assembled bread board. The left details the control and power wiring (minus the battery pack). The image on the right includes the battery pack, colour sensor wire and the 4 DC motor control wires.



First in building the chassis I used 2 pieces of card and sandwiched the 2 motors between them.I then mounted the battery pack  with the opening to the pack upward for ease of access.Then placed another piece of card over the pack to allow for later mounting of the bread board.



Here we can see the fully assembled bot with the bread board mounted on top and the colour sensor attached to the front with cables ran through a hole in the card





Here is a video of the completed bot driving around an arena I improvised.